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Solid stainless steel construction creates dependable, durable equipment that will last you for years of continuous use!

KitDel kitchen and deli equipment is built to be as efficient and consistent as possible for a low cost of ownership.

KitDel is kitchen equipment designed by deli specialists. We know what can help you get ahead of the competition!

We hang our hat on support. We understand when you have a question you need an answer or service now.

When it comes to commercial kitchens, we’ve seen everything. That’s why KitDel was designed for consistency, efficiency and low cost of ownership. We hang our hat on support and understand when you are down or have a question you need an answer or service now. Not next week, not even tomorrow but now, and we deliver on that support promise!

We designed KitDel with you in mind. For instance, our fryers can be programmed to have your cooking times so all of your stores function the same if you are a large chain. Our breading table has the most efficient, smallest footprint on the market. Besides the savings on breading, it is a breeze to clean, which is very important. Finally, our hot cases are sleek and modern with simplistic controls. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s time to give KitDel a try. Visit the restaurant supply store today!

KitDel Premer Kitchen and Deli Equipment

Video transcript: Hi, today, we’re here today to talk about the KitDel auto sifting, breading, and battered table.  This is a table we have designed for the use of the person that is doing fresh-breaded products such as chicken, pork tenderloins, vegetables and so forth.

This machine is used for the ease of breading the product or if you’re using a wet-batter mix where you bread/batter mix and then back into the breading or single breading, either can be used.

We have designed this to actually sift the breading for the employees to where it has to drop down in here [lower compartment] but we open the plug, we can drop the breading down into the sifting mechanism which I’ll show you here in just a moment.

But what it actually does, it creates a lot of dough balls or if you leave a piece of poultry or pork or something in there.  It actually sifts that product out, takes it to the sifting process and any dough balls or any chicken products or anything that we don’t need will drop into the back pan.

And then this [front] pan will have nice clean sifted breading that doesn’t have the dough balls or hard crunches.

Also, with this process of using that breading that were sifting, we can bring that breading back up here and use it, sift it again and we always have to add breading again due to flour loss to help keep a consistent breading.

But now if we sift this, we can pop this breading into closed container and then refrigerate it – refrigerate it, keep it overnight and use it again the next day.

It also has an easy-drain basket or if you are using the wet batter mix, you can drop the product in, lift and drain back into your breading.

One of the best things about this except for the – besides the breading savings that you have is that normally, a lot of people that either just have a pan with their breading, the breading gets old, dirty and so forth and they have to pitch the breading, they can’t recoup it [the cost] or save it, so they’re losing a lot of dollars there.  Well, this keeps a good even coating by removing the products that you don’t want besides the breading savings.

Most people on this will save even if they’re using a hand sift, they don’t recoup a lot of that breading goes away with the dough balls in there.

Plus, it’s hard to do and it’s normally enclosed and hard to clean.  So, a lot of times the employees won’t do it because of that process and just throw it away.

Everything on this is made for ease of cleaning, and easily removed, goes to the sink, everything here can be easily removed, taken to the sink where it’s easy for your employees to clean.

Real quick on that sifter mechanism, this is the cover for it.  It is a polygrade, polyfood-grade brush in here.  So, it is approved to be used with food products, edible products.

This is what actually turns a dough ball and breading in a corkscrew fashion to take it to where it dumps the waste products and then when you see this type U-shaped screen that the brush sets in to where it actually breaks down those dough balls and retain some of that breading also.

So, this thing does an excellent job, as you can see everything will lift out, can be cleaned in the sink.  So, it’s not enclosed, creating a hard cleaning problem for the employees.

Plus, with this, at the minimum, you’re going to save 10 to 25% of your breading cost but most locations can get all the way up to 50% of breading savings, almost cut the breading in half by using this auto sifting breading table.

Video transcript: Hi, today we’re going to talk about the KitDel autolift fryer.  This fryer – we have incorporated a lot of technology into our KitDel equipment to help in today’s market with a lot of the products that are cooked.  So a lot of them are short cook times, two to four minutes.

So if you cook another 30 seconds or 40 seconds on that product, it will cook all the holdability and juice out of that product and you’ll be serving an inferior product especially in the C-store, or grocery store market today because you need that good hold time to hold between your busy hours of say, 11:00 to 1:00 where you need that product to be a good product no matter what time you’re selling in that time period.

So, this is a fryer that will help you do that.  Everything can be completely programmed, all your presets through so all the employee has to know is what number button to push for the product they’re cooking.

It will be programmed to cook at the correct temperature, correct time to get it to that temperature to where you need from 140 to 165 [degrees] or above for the health departments to the hold temperature.

But it will also inform your employees of when to filter.  The filtering is very important thing today due to the cost of oil product, color, flavor transfers.  So this unit will tell your employee when they need to filter the oil.

It will also filter in about three minutes or complete cycle completely clean the oil.  It has a built-in filtration system.

So when they’re doing this, there’s no exposure to the oil or chance of burns to where you can retain your oil longer to where – if you give the products out or the burner discolor your oil, then when you’re cooking fresh product that doesn’t look dark and old-like it’s been in the hot case four hours, it’s fresh, golden, looks great, no flavor transfers.

Even in these new systems you can – you can fry fish, filter afterwards then cook potatoes or whatever you want to and burn not have any flavor transfers.

But if you can get an extra five, six, seven days out of your oil with filtering, save two containers of oil which most containers of oil are running thirty dollars or so.  So $60 a week, 52 weeks.  You can buy a new fryer every two to three years just on your oil savings.

So quite an advantage and besides you’re not serving a product that tastes bad or looks bad and so forth.  It does have the built-in filtration system, all self-contained.  All you need to do is clean that once a day and then it’s good for the whole day no matter if you’re large volume cooking.

Different sizes available to hold whatever-sized product, whether you do 32 pieces or 48 or 64 pieces of chicken.  It does [lifts] automatically after the product is done, it’s cook cycle.

It will bring the product out of the oil, hold it here over the warm oil to where if an employee is busy waiting on a customer or doing some other task, it will keep it here and keep it warm so they can transfer it to the hot case and still stay at that temperature.

It also ensures that it’s cooked to the right temperature.  So, as I was saying earlier, those products are two to three minutes.

So if you can take 30 – if you don’t cook at another 30 or 40 seconds or a minute to get over here and pull it out of the oil.  It’s cooked where it’s hard, you can’t hold in the case and you’re serving bad product to your customers.

And that’s the main thing is give them the quality, consistent product no matter what day, what employees cook and so forth.  This ensures a consistency with a fryer like this.

Video transcript: Today we’re going to talk about the advantages and different options on the KitDel hotcases that we have. This is a case that the comes in various sizes, we have all the way from the three well, four well, five well up to seven well.

The model you see here is a countertop model which is made for a custom look and if you want to build your own cabinetry and matching cabinet tops and have this setting on top of those.

We also offer these for the grocery store or for locations that come with a stainless-steel base on it, where it comes in all one piece. We do have the Euro glass in front, the glass easily lifts it for cleaning purposes and with shocks where it will stay up.

One advantage that we have a little bit over other cases; this glass is temperate glass; a lot of cases just have single support so a lot of times this will start sagging or fail and here on the front.

So, with this, we have made a brace here to give it extra support, which connects with the bottom. So, this is kind of unique to some of our cases, where it gives that extra stability even in shipment or lot of years of use, this weight pushing down on just single support.

So, it is something that like that makes this case good for 20-25 years in your location depending on how you take care of and clean but that’s one of the other advantages. We will go to the backside of this that we’re doing a little bit different than other cases

On the backside, some of the advantages will say that we’ve changed due to a lot of technology is used today and it is still used, in this case, but some of the components that you would need the motherboards, the touch tech controls and so forth.

This hotcase is pretty well designed to have even heating on the bottom, and on top, you can adjust the temperature. Top and bottom so we have elevated product over the outside of the pan, to hold temperature and so forth. It has all that technology today to keep up with that.

But a lot of cases have to have a motherboard or a touch tech controller which, if you have trouble with one of those or goes out is very costly to replace.

We’ve kind of went a little bit retro on this one, a little bit to where you still have your board here for cutting or filling orders and so forth. We do put the mirror glass in so from this side, from the customer they can actually– it looks like they’re looking directly at the food, so it makes more appetizing and appealing.

But as you see here– what I was talking to about cost of ownership over several years period, we made a simple on and off switch for the lights, heat and so forth.

And then we put the thermostat and super simple temperature controls and each one of those to regulate this temperature up here and regulate the temperature on each well from top to bottom.

So, these are all time tested, proven, consistent pieces of equipment over time that they will hold up.

There’s not a lot of breakdown issues, very easy to purchase and replace so if something should happen, they’re easily fixed and easily replaced. Even the way the heating elements are situated in this is very easy to buy so there’s not a lot of costly expenses.

Repairs have to pull the whole case apart to do everything, to repair these so it is something that year after year if you should happen. To have something break down what everything is mechanical that it may happen, but we do try to make it to where it’s easily be taken care of.

And like I say, once these wells are set that very consistent, so instead of a computer running and the cost of the computer, we made the very dependable controls here.

As you can see, I lifted that cutting board off. Some people like it all for ease of getting in and so forth. But very dependable case holds product very well and we can get it in several different models for you.